Chanel Gabrielle Hobo Bag Beige n Black A91810

Chanel Gabrielle Hobo Bag Beige n Black A91810

Chanel A66942 Large Toile Deauville Shopping Bag in Grey

Chanel A66942 Large Toile Deauville Shopping Bag in Grey

Chanel Gabrielle Hobo Bag A91810 White

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The latest Chanel Gabrielle Bag is crafted to pay homage to Madame Coco. The Gabrielle Bag has been heavily advertised and even got its own space on the Chanel website. It looks like this bag is determined to become the next iconic and might even compete against the famous Boy Chanel Bag. Gabrielle Bag is really made for the future. It’s said that the bag is inspired by Virtual Reality Goggles and vintage binocular cases that men wear at the racecourse. The last part matches perfectly to the philosophy of Coco Chanel, because the quilting on the 2.55 Bag was also inspired by quilted jackets of jockey players. Coco knew very well how to get inspiration from men’s fashion. At WWD, Karl Largerfeld said that the Gabrielle Bag is meant to be worn in many different circumstances and it’s not very feminine in the sense of being Chichi. Which brings us to the next topic.
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Cc a91810 white

- Aged calfskin, smooth calfskin
- Silver-toned and gold-toned metal
- Size:

  • 14.75 x 19.75 x 7.75 cm
  • 20.75 x 27.5 x 8.75 cm
  • 25 x 31 x 9.25 cm

- Multiple ways to carry the bag

  • sling it on your shoulder, 
  • throw it over your shoulder, 
  • wrap the chain so you can tote it or 
  • change it to a fanny pack by looping the leather fixings.

- Genuine imported Cowhide leather

Quality: OEM. Materials used are exactly same as the original ones.
What you see in the picture is exactly what you will receive.

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Mar ,16 2022
First of all, I should mention that I had the opportunity to go to a Celine store and compare my replica to the auth Belt Bag, as well as the auth Amazone color (they only had the Sangle Seau in this color - another Celine bag that I'm considering). So although I did not have a 1:1 comparison for shape and color, I think I got a pretty good idea on the quality of the replica. Mind you, I walked in there like I owned the place and I was just browsing to complete my Celine family. The SA just told me to let them know if I need help and then got busy with someone else, so I had time to properly look at the bags, take pictures of mine compared to others (with hubby's help) and have a huge smile under my mask, when I was re-confirming what I knew already about replica: that I bloody love them! I absolutely love this bag and I've worn it every day ever since. I've had the chance to go on a day trip, carry all my stuff, do a bit of grocery shopping, admire it close to an auth, and I find it the perfect companion for me! The color compliments my outfits and I cannot wait for the weather to be a bit nicer, so I can pair it with my leather jackets! I am already considering my next Celine purchase! - Betty
a lady love LV
Mar ,16 2022
I am really happy- 10/10 on quality for this bag- everything from the leather to the chain, it’s just 1:1 to the one I fiddled around at the LV store. The leather is very supple, soft and squishy, the magnetic snap closure has the same strength (magnetism) as the one in the store, the strap is flexible and totally foldable (a sign of good leather). No need for any sort of conditioning, it’s supple and soft, flexible leather that really matches the quality of the bag I tried at LV. - a lady love LV
Mar ,16 2022
Well made bag with very flexible soft canvas. No complaints on any front here even comparing it side to side with the auth. If I did not have the auth to compare this to, I would not be able to tell that it's a replica! I'm tempted to buy a few to give out as gifts. At this price, this rep is a steal !! - Kinky
Mar ,07 2022
I was visiting home and decided to trot around the mall and noticed Gucci had taken over Rolex and Burberry was not YSL. I had never stepped in either of these stores and wanted to just look haha. I did walk out empty-handed because I’m all about that replife baby. Anywho, I fell in love with this classic bag and was able to examine it in store. The replica quality is amazing! This is one of those bags that I could confidently wear. It is definitely not callout-able. The leather smells like leather, the stitching is perfect, the gold isn’t too yellow, the canvas is very sturdy and well-structured. I am not sure how it will wear long-term; however, it doesn’t easily scratch. This is the biggest issue for me as I don’t take the best care of my purses. - Tracy
Mar ,07 2022
Let me first say that I love the feel of this bag! The caviar leather is luxurious and puffy, just like the authentic. The leather is thicker than the typical Chanel minis so I am hoping it stands up to longer wear. The metal parts of this bag are well made. The chain hardware and the CC turnlock are all real metal and function just fine. The turnlock twists with a little resistance and I don’t have any problems with the adjustable metal part of the bag (cylinder lock) that tightens and loosens the chain straps. The push button adjustable mechanism works well. I am in love with this bag, even more so than my denim mini rectangle. There’s something about the square shape that I love more and I feel that I am more drawn to leather bags than cloth bags. That being said, I still am happy to have both in my collection because they’re so different and serve different uses. - Candy
Mar ,07 2022
The canvas is in fantastic shape.The glazing has not cracked or smudged or melted. This bag has held up better than the auth based on complaints about it on various websites. Seriously, if you want a lifetime bag that can withstand a beating, this is it. I think it is quite obvious I am extremely satisfied with this bag. - Woodie
Mar ,07 2022
The Clemence leather is super soft, and very slouchy as a result, The grain is also mesmerizing to look at, and feels very buttery to the touch, Zippers are straight and not wavy, Stitching is very clean, double stitched in all the right spots, Body and shape is wonderful, bag sits on its own and slouches gracefully, Pearling looks good, Handles look rolled well, stitched well. Overall - what really does it for me with this bag is the SIZE! It fits so much stuff -- wallet, phone, keys, hand sanitizer, notebook, pens, packing tape, heck I even put a roll of toilet paper in there to see if it would fit (it did) - Lucy
Mar ,07 2022
Overall quality is great. The bag itself is sturdy and durable. Leather is true black and shiny. No chain issues, no loose stitches and fufu smell. Very well made bag - Jessy
Chalisa Alen
Mar ,07 2022
Quality of leather feels great, craftsmanship is excellent. Super happy with it & it worth to wait & worth the price! - Chalisa Alen
Feb ,21 2022
Overall a very sturdy bag, that is able to stand up straight without leaning for- or backward, It has substantial weight for its size, especially the chain. No signs of the fufu; it has a very faint leather smell. Caviar leather looks plump and shiny. Graining of the leather looks even. Stitching is neat, there is not a single loose thread or popped stitch. Hardware looks gorgeous, no signs of tarnishing. After seeing auths back in summer, I was definitely WOWed by the quality of this bag. It is on par with auth. In fact, I actually think it‘s even better. I personally don’t see the mini-air pocket inside as a qualitative deficit. It is actually also present in auth bags from time to time. All in all, I am positively surprised. The craftsmanship of this bag is basically impeccable. We will see how long it will hold up eventually! - Alina
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