Chanel Suede Calfskin & Knit High Lace-Ups Black G38212

Chanel Suede Calfskin & Knit High Lace-Ups Black G38212

Replica Chanel Mini Flap Bag in Metallic Lambskin A35200 Silver

Chanel Quilted Mini Classic Flap CF Bag Metallic Lambskin Silver 17cm

Chanel Suede Calfskin & Knit High Lace-Ups Ivory & Black G38212

  • Genuine imported Calfskin leather.
  • Quality: OEM. Materials used are exactly same as the original ones.
  • What you see in the picture is exactly what you will receive.
  • No-Return/exchange item (Size, color, design) for any reason.
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cc G38212 high-ivorybk

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Aug ,22 2022
Super professional seller! It really was a great find, they have this nice website and reply so fast, the seller is also very knowledgable of all the various colors, leathers and Hermes bags in general which I really loved.. I am now planning to get a Kelly bag, but still deciding on the colors and the seller has sent me so many interesting options.. - Tracy
Aug ,20 2022
The bag is well-made of nice leather, the stitching is tidy and precise. The canvas lined interior is very well done. I love classic bags, particularly top handle bags, and this one is right up my alley. Neither of the accuracy issues or the small flaws will lessen my enjoyment of it. - Pamela
Doll Doll
Aug ,19 2022
I've been wanting this Chanel for YEARS. I'm so happy with my purchase, I'm obsessed with this bag. The quality and the functionality of it are amazing. I couldn't be happier. I will warn though, I wore this a few times with jeans and there is minor colour transfer on the back of the bag. So just be careful! I should have sprayed it before hand but luckily I noticed it in time before it got worse. Love it overall! - Doll Doll
Aug ,18 2022
hank you so much for being patient with me and all of my questions and inquiries! She has definitely been so accommodating and friendly to me! Kudos to her for being responsive! The bag is definitely good enough for its price and quality! I love it and my Mom loves it too! She can't wait to use it on her vacay next week hahaha! and as what I've always said from my previous reviews, Wear with confidence! As long as you also have a good outfit to compliment the bag and you feel confident, go enjoy it! - Victoria
Aug ,15 2022
Leather is really soft and buttery. I have gone to the Chanel store twice to check out the C19s and this leather feels just as soft and "thick" and plushy as the authentic. It has the same sheen as the authentic ones in store and zooming in on this leather (and the pic of the authentic I took at the store) shows the same type of "grain". - Catherine
Claudia PS
Aug ,12 2022
Aug ,08 2022
My Evelyne has a smooth button closure, shiny hardware, accurate shape, and an accurate stamp (see below on this). I wanted a bag that I could confidently wear while traveling—no one wears Hermes where I live. I love this bag and would have no problems wearing this bag anywhere I go! - Latte
Aug ,05 2022
Oh goodness. Oh mama. She's so nice that I reached purse peace (for about 3 days, now I want a Chanel 22, what can you do?). The Saint Laurent rocks the grain de poudre embossed leather. I LOVE soft leather and am OBSESSED with my Chanel S Factory Lambskin. When my first Caviar Classic Flap arrived I was confused and unexcited. But I much prefer the feel of the Saint Laurent grain de poudre over the Chanel caviar, and I feel like the bag also has the sass to carry the embossed leather off. This isn't a bag for a woman who babies her bags. This is a bag for a woman who smokes when she drinks and wakes up under coffee tables (this is not me by the way). The tougher leather fits. - Mary
Aug ,03 2022
I'm glad I finally pulled the trigger on this bag! I've never been a fan, but now I can see why it's so popular. It's such a cute bag, and not worth the price tag from Bottega -- with a replica this good. - Tiffany
Jul ,31 2022
Leather quality is superior, a little bit textured and got a nice sheen and feels extremely soft.I was concerned about the stitching, but there is not a single flaw, it’s even and extremely clean around the whole bag.The inside also feels premium and is quite soft. The hardware parts are well made and feel heavy and durable.The inside zipper is flawless and worked perfectly so far. Same for the magnet, super strong! The chain is also quite heavy and feels quality wise very premium like. To sum it up, the quality of the bag is a straight 10/10 for me without any doubt! - Nancy
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