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Nov ,29 2021
I AM First try here, and satisfied with the quality. Quality is even better than photos. Feel good, and touching like the real ones! :D Not bad.... - Christine63
Nov ,29 2021
Great Customer Service! Thanks for helping me to select the best shoes size. The boots is real leather, I love its interior leather lining, so comfortable. WORTH DEAL! - Julia.Steve
Nov ,20 2021
Seriously love this factory - best bang for your buck, really great quality smooth lanbskin, sheen, no loose threads, the packaging is great, the protection is awesome. I love the little extra details like the leather that protects the flaps from the zipper when not in use. No hydroxyfufu smell. overall the construction is great, stuffed well, and in great shape. I can't stop petting it. My goodness, when I first opened this girl, I seriously was in love. I think this is my perfect CF size. CANNOT believe I've been holding out on 25cm for so long. So happy with the size and the color is just mesmerizing. - Isabella
Nov ,19 2021
Absolutely stunning! It smells like a leather goods store. No fufu smell at all. The piping is very neat, stitching is clean. The hardware feels very heavy duty, including the lock. The handle is firm and the leather is soft and sturdy. It's a very great shape and feels secure. The hardware is even, the sangles look even. The stamping looks correct, not too light or deep. Overall feels and smells like a very quality bag! - Sophia
Nov ,19 2021
I love smooth, soft leathers, so this is the bag for me! I've never felt the auth so I don't know if it's feels accurate. No fufu smells, it smells like leather. The color looks great too The hardware on this bag is beautiful! I love the color and the sounds it makes. It has great detailing like the auth. For zipper opens and closes smoothly. The handle of the zipper is made with the same leather as the pocket and inside of the bag. I love this bag so much! I ordered this twilly to go with it. I realize I love white bags and plan to get more eventually. My personal color scheme is black, white, red and pink. I can't wait to wear this bag for Christmas and valentines day with my red coat. It really fits my aesthetic, even if it's not 100% accurate, I'll still wear her with pride! - EMMA
Nov ,16 2021
Caviar grain looks and feels great, soft but durable. Stitching is very neat and uniform. Seams pulled tight. The strap had good weight and feels sturdy but was still flexible. No fufu smell. Hardware looks good, turns smoothly. There was a tiny bit of leftover wrapping on the front hardware but I'm sure it was for protection purposes and I was able to pick it off. Still something to note if you're planning on giving this as a gift (hello Holidays - Cindy
Nov ,13 2021
I always feel that classic flap bags are already so well reviewed. I didn’t intend to review this bag but when I got it, I felt like I needed to either 1. Keep this source to myself because it’s so good OR 2. Scream it out in the top of my lungs so others can see what I am raving about! I have semi opted to do #2 in hopes that some of you can convince me that I wrote a great review and I am not crazy in my opinion! Ladies, seriously try this bag out even just for the caviar leather alone and tell me what you think! It just feels so damn delicious, I can’t keep this goodie to myself!! · The stitching is tightly stitched and all threads are even throughout all the quilts. · Metal chain links have a dense weight and the intertwined leather is also soft and flexible. There is ZERO SQUEAKING AND ZERO FUFU. Like, NONE. · The CC logo and turnlock have good metal structure and feel. Gold tone is even throughout with no scratches. · All hardware is real metal, zipper runs smooth. Chain attachments are solid, attached well. Gromets are well attached, tight throughout. - Amy
Nov ,10 2021
Canvas: I am sure all of us have given the side eye to a neverfull in the wild to determine whether it is auth or not. I feel like this canvas passes this test effortlessly due to the sheen, quality and printing. As I mentioned, the canvas has a substantial feel but still pliable which will most likely soften with use. Leather: The treated leather has a nice matte finish and does not feel rubbery. The handles are stiff but I have been told that the auth are also so no points taken off. Stitching: Consistently even stitching throughout and accurate double stitching on the chaps. Hardware: The tiny pieces of hardware, the d-rings, pins, zippers and pulls are very similar high quality to auth. I am finally at damier ebene neverfull peace. As I mentioned, a friend has the same neverfull with the red interior which is gorgeous and avoids any callout issues. I have had the red interior before and I feel like it makes the bag look darker and more dramatic. I just tend to lean towards pink which makes it more light hearted. I look forward to many years of care-free use with this bag and will carry it as proudly as my auth! - Inthira
Nov ,07 2021
I know, I know - 10/10 is really high. But this bag looks and feels exactly like my friends auth 26cm. The next time I see her I will take comparison photos. The chains feel just like the auth, the smaller chain is very lightweight and hollow (like the auth) and the long chain has some weight on it due to the leather. The leather strap is soft and does not make crunchy noises. The straps do not squeak at all. - ROSE
Nov ,02 2021
I’m so in love with this bag, I keep staring at it and randomly putting it on my shoulder and looking at my reflection, can’t wait to actually wear it out and not just back and forth from my bedroom to the living room - rachael