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Dec ,16 2021
Overall the bag is beautiful and feels luxe, I'll definitely buy more again. I don't think anyone would notice that it's a replica chanel. - Mary
Dec ,13 2021
this bag is softer and squishier, with even more oily sheen. The chain is a smidge heavy. All hardware are nicely made, no quality issues/scratches and were protected well by the stickers. Super shiny and heavy. All the embossing / etching look clean and good - super puffy, especially seen in the side-by-sides. Overall construction / stitching looks very clean, no loose threads and no weird bulges / non-symmetrical areas. Empreinte looks exactly like the Rebag 1 photos. Mono pattern alignment looks accurate as well. Stuffed or not, the bag stands on its own! Lambskin texture varies among auth. Overall just perfect! - Jennifer
Dec ,11 2021
The python scales are lovely, I really do not think I can say enough about how they feel when I pet them, I almost expect the bag to start undulating under The bag opens smoothly and the clasp makes this wonderful *clink* when you press it into place. The leather is smooth and the three border stripes are equal in size with nicely spaced stiches. The weight of the chain feels comfortable cross body and though I have read of it being and issue for others, I have yet to catch my hair on the leather part of the strap. - Patricia
Dec ,08 2021
I love this cute little bag! I’m incredibly pleased at how close to auth it is. I was very surprised at the leather and how it was also exact - considering that it was made of a stiffer, kind of grained/patterned leather. That looked exact to me. I am thrilled at the double straps, since that’s the kind of versatility my other small black bags don’t have. I love a good practical sporty strap with a cute little IYKYK leather bag - lyla
Maryam Muhamed
Dec ,05 2021
Walked in Dior store just now, PERFECT!!! I love your quality, you did a very good job! - Maryam Muhamed
Dec ,02 2021
I've never owned an auth Chanel but I have family members who do, I was able feel their auth bags and did not feel any difference. The leather is soft and squishy. In fact, I bought a leather conditioner expecting the leather to be stiff, I went ahead and conditioned knowing how good the leather already is, lemme tell y'all, the leather is to die for! It has become more buttery and more supple, more so than the auth! The color after conditioning deepened and the caviar glistens in the light, like stars twinkling in the sky from afar. Stitching is straight, no frayed thread. Metals are shiny, no cracks or chipping. Chain strap is heavy, no squeaking, it does twist but Im noticing that the more I use and massage, it is doing it less. Zipper is smooth. - Mandy
Dec ,01 2021
MMM the grain is nice and it feels the same as my auth mini Palm springs. Smells like leather and doesn't have that ew ew fufu smell. The color looks correct. My sister sent me a video of the auth one from when she tried it on at the LV store and it looks the same. The color of hardware is correct and it's not too yellowy. The stitching is very clean and there's not leftover threads that are just hanging and vibing. I didn't find any flaws, but I didn't really inspect the stitching THAT much because it overall looked good so :) I'm not one to nitpick every single detail because umm.. it looks like the auth in my opinion but correct me if I'm wrong though. My mom owns quite many LV bags and she said that it looks really good. She only uses auth items, but this time she wanted to get this same bag from here too as well. The leather feels correct and the L has that nice curve on the left side. The bottom also had the correct alignment. The handles also seem to have the correct alignment. - Kuma
Dec ,01 2021
Honestly, quality of this bag is wonderful. I cannot really find much quality issue. Leather: Smells like leather. No fufu at all. Soft and supple! Has light sheen. Stitching: Yup, this is handstitched. No messy stitch, no loose thread. Thread thickness thick enough and it looks like it is waxed linen thread to me! I am in love with this bag. I already carried it with confidence to meet up with someone who knows Hermes and got compliment! She might have been just being nice but still, I am confident wearing it everywhere! Also, I think I got the lowest price possible for this bag. Handstitched, waxed linen thread, TC leather, mini lindy! - nancy
Nov ,30 2021
Overall the bag is AMAZINGGGGG. When I first got it out the box I was like WOW. I just couldn’t believe how much of a high quality replica it was. No bad smell at all either upon opening the box! · Checked all over the bag for any flaws at all, the stitching is extremely neat inside and out. Only thing I find is the zip is a bit stiff, is this normal on LV bags? I assume it will loosen up when using the bag more! · The padlock and keys are very chunky and weighty, super shiny and just look perfect imo! · Alignment looks pretty damn good too! · The extra long strap is great too; clasps all function correctly with no issues. - Hazel
Nov ,29 2021
I AM First try here, and satisfied with the quality. Quality is even better than photos. Feel good, and touching like the real ones! :D Not bad.... - Christine63